Shared Pocket

 September 14- October 28, 2018

A Two-Person Exhibition by Emily Smit-Dicks & Shannon Garden-Smith

Idea Exchange, Preston, Cambridge, ON

Photos: Scott Lee; Monica Moraru

We had pockets. What lovely hoards I kept in them…a small sketch-book and a very large pocket-knife; beside string, nails, horse-chestnuts, lumps of sugar, bits of bread-and-butter, a pair of scissors, and many other useful objects [1].

[1]. Gwen Raverat quoted in Barbara Burman. “Pocketing the Difference: Gender and Pockets in Nineteenth-Century Britain.” Material Strategies: Dress and Gender in Historical Perspective, edited by Barbara Burman and Carole Turbin, Blackwell Publishing, 2003, pp. 77–99.