In a cover blue as night

 June 14-30, 2018

A Two-Person Exhibition by Nate McLeod & Shannon Garden-Smith

Pushmi Pullyu, 703 College St. W., Toronto,

Accompanied by a text from The Pidgin Collective


I work on dense pages overcrowded with characters, in a Helvetica-based font with minimal line spacing, which yields very solid blocks of text: barely readable, disheartening to re-read. I like it that way, because it forces me never to be satisfied, to be instead ever more demanding. I must, always and forever, keep cutting, clarify, simplify, to make the depressing blocks of text before me fluid, make them fly. But I know that when the text has donned its handsomest finery, when it's set in Times New Roman and laid out immaculately on the page in nicely spaced lines, I'll send it to Irène Lindon decked out in a cover blue as night, and that poor shrivelled thing I've sweated over for months will blossom in the light like a flower opening to the sun. The idea is to train under ever tougher conditions, not easing up till the day comes, to practice penalty kicks with ski boots on (the day you take the ski boots off, it's immediately easier, you'll see).

Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Urgency and Patience